Feel the benefit of a faster work injury recovery.

Work InjuryMassage can help you recover more quickly and completely from workplace related injuries. Always check with your doctor about alternative care therapies for work-related injury recovery, such as massage therapy for work-related injury treatment. Your doctor can recommend any further treatment you may need. L&I (Labor and industries) can approve your cl aim if your doctor certifies that you were injured at a specific time and place at work, or have an occupational disease. Benefits cover medical bills and may include other types of assistance. Claims can be rejected if the doctor cannot certify the worker's medical condition is related to something specific that happened at work or is an injury or an occupational disease.




This legal standard frequently requires the L&I (Labor and industries) claim manager to collect background information about the worker's accident and the worker's medical and job history. Some injured workers miss days of work while they recover. However, many can return to work gradually, while still receiving medical benefits. Research shows that the sooner you are able to return to work, the better your chances are for recovering your income and health At Muscle Release, our job is to offer you the best Work injury massage treatment in the Yakima Valley, to help you recover more quickly. Contact us if you have questions relating to work injuries or work-related injuries and how massage therapy can help speed up your recovery for many types of work related injuries.

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